About Us

Who Are We

We are a 20 years old, privately owned company specializing in the sales and technical support of ingredients for cosmetics and personal care industry.

What Do We Do

We are more than just a sales company for our customers. We offer technical assistance through our extensive technical background. In our applications lab, we are able to develop tailor-made formulations and provide immediate solutions.

About Our Founder


Gautam Budhiraja is a Cosmetics Ingredients Expert, Cosmetics Formulation Expert, and helps Cosmetics Manufacturers grow their business.

He has experience of more than 28 years covering Imports, Manufacturing, and Distribution of cosmetic ingredients. It was his vision in the year 2000 that he created Group N V to provide Natural, Organic, and Safe Ingredients to the cosmetics industry.

Gautam Budhiraja completed his Masters in Chemistry from the University of Delhi. He has personally invested more than 5600 hours in the last more than 12 years in the Application Lab to study and to develop various kinds of formulations for the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry.

He traveled to Korea, France, Belgium, Switzerland, London, Japan, and a few other countries to establish contacts with reputed Manufacturers of Natural and Organic Ingredients so as to achieve his vision.

Having worked with the manufacturers of specialty ingredients from all over the globe, he has gathered a sufficient amount of knowledge and competence that he calls himself an expert on the Distribution of Cosmetic Ingredients and Natural Ingredients in India and Neighbouring Countries